About Claire


Claire self-published two books in 2018.  Her first book, Gift of Gratitude, is a memoir of her childhood in Japan.  Each memory is spilled out naturally, triggered by her daily teaching moments.  I Notice is a relationship-building book that encourage teachers and coaches to understand how meaningful relationships transform students’ performance.

In February 2019, Children’s picture book, My Breath Loves Me was newly published. Claire believes that it is a important job to teach children when and how to use their own breaths to find peace in them. My Breath Loves Me was honored as an International Book Award’s finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category.

Ever since Claire entered the world of mindfulness, her mission has extended beyond school curriculums and children. She believes every single person deserves to discover peace and happiness within themselves because noticing present moments can transform our world’s view with kindness. She would love to help educators and authors who are looking to inspire their audience by sharing her knowledge of mindfulness and self-publishing.

Claire can be regularly found on the treadmill or in the hot tub at the local YMCA.

Claire lives in Washington with her family, surrounded by blue sky and the sea.

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