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A Cup of Curiosity

Do you ever wonder if you can completely get rid of mental exhaustion? Your symptoms might include lack of sleep, mental irritation, lack of focus, etc.  Well, the short answer is NO: you cannot completely get rid of these physical and mental stresses. However, I have good news. You can learn how to manage stress by applying mindfulness in your daily life. The basic idea of mindfulness is simple. You can find peace in you by simply noticing one thing at a time.  

You may wonder, “What is mindfulness?” 

Mindfulness is a life tool for your well-being. Simply pause and notice what’s happening at the very moment. In your busy world, everything seems to go too fast yet quite accurately, like an automated machine. As a result, often we forget about what precious outcomes that you have created at the end of the day. Taking a moment allows you to observe everyday things, people, and events more carefully. These simple moments can become gratitude that would fulfill our life because your life is really an accumulation of many moments. It’s up to you how you can live your life.

Why don’t you pause for a second and breathe?

You can realize that your life is a precious gift that was given to you. It’s up to you how to treat this gift while you possess. What kind of wrapping papers or ribbons that you would decorate on?  The gift of life is given, and you get to create (decorate!) however you want! Do you still push it to the corner and forget about it? If I hear you say NO really loud, let’s begin to create your own gift! You are ready for writing your own story.

Claire E. Hallinan shares her aspiration and knowledge of mindfulness for your well-being through her story telling and writing. 

Claire’s five books are all based on her own aspirations through mindfulness and selfcare journey.  Click here to check them out!

Contact to Claire: Aspire. Breathe. Care.